Day 16

I’m on day 16 of the 21 Day Fix program and I’m down 6 pounds and 10 inches!! While the weight loss doesn’t surprise me based on the work I’m putting in, I was shocked that I’ve lost INCHES! TEN INCHES! That’s amazing!!

If you’re also wanting to dial in your nutrition and workouts and get in shape, comment, come join me! I’m the most skeptical person around and did a lot of research before I started this, and I’m so excited about this! I wish I’d started sooner and also wish I’d taken measurements on January 1!

I was so excited by my day 16 results that I got in TWO workouts today. “Upper Fix,” which is a killer upper body workout, and a dance cardio workout. Also, my laptop is locked up at the moment so I actually had the extra time for workout #2 🙂

Week 2

Week 1 was a big success – I lost 5 lbs in week 1, as well as 4″ off my waist!! On top of that, I’m pretty sure I ate more in the past week than I’ve had in quite some time. I stuck pretty close to the 21 Day Fix eating plan.

Except for the cupcake I had on Friday. I passed on the during the going away lunch for my friend who took another job. I passed when we brought them to another meeting. I even passed when I gave some to my kids. It was only when Bear refused his because here was too much frosting. I removed the frosting and realizing how incredibly moist and delicious it looked. Bear didn’t want it. It was too close to me and looked too good. So, I ate it. Left the frosting, but totally ate the entire cupcake. #NoRegrets!!

I got my workout in late tonight. After the kids went to bed and after I moved 5 chickens from the smaller coop to the big barn, then moved the 15 babies from the brooder to the smaller coop. I also had to blow out the garage that was full of hay! Farm chores are never ending! Anyway, I did so much better today than last week. So cool to see progress so quickly!

I walked outside to cool down and stretch and ended up stripping down and jumping in the pool! As much as I did not want a pool, I’m so glad we have it. I’m hoping it was just cool enough that I won’t be as sore as I should be tomorrow. It felt so good! I was able to use the ladder to try to stretch out my shoulder. I’m not sure what happened but it hurts quite a bit.

Ol, hats enough rambling for today!

Yoga with the Kids

Today was an “active recovery” day and the prescribed workout was yoga. Todd is out mowing so I’m inside with all 4 kids. Everyone is on my last nerve today and nobody is listening. I just wanted to get my workout out of the way early today so we did it together. Mostly, anyway. Thatcher saw a 10 minute abs workout and asked to do that too, so we did!

This is how it went…

I’m a Priority

I’ve completed SEVEN workouts in a row! It’s been ages since I’ve had a consistent workout routine and I’m super proud of this accomplishment!!!

Back in the day, I worked out nearly non-stop, often multiple times per day. I’ve been a ballerina, a rower, a hiker, a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer, a triathlete, and a gym rat. My life used to center around my workouts. I love moving! I’m excited to be back at it! Excited to shed the years of baby weight and get myself back!

I don’t even really feel like myself when I’m stagnant. But. I need sleep to workout and be really active. And I need time. Having 4 babies in 6 years doesn’t leave you with much of either!!

Now that Elara is over 2 and becoming (much!!!) more independent, I have both a little more sleep and a little more time. Well, maybe not time, but I can MAKE time. I’m a priority. I haven’t always been, but I should be. So now I am ❤️

You should be too!! If you’re not making time for self-care, know that you’re worth the time. You deserve it! Start small and grow from there. You’ll be better for everyone around you.

Spiced Turkey Arayes with Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms

Giving credit where credit is due, I modified this recipe from one of our old Blue Apron meals. We kept all of the recipe cards and use them pretty frequently. If you’re considering a meal box plan, I highly recommend it! Great variety of new foods, easy to prepare, and super yummy.

Roasted Brussels sprouts & mushrooms

Slice off ends of Brussels sprouts and slice in half. Slice or quarter mushrooms. Spread on pan, drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt & pepper. 450 degrees for 20-25 min (same as the Arayes so they cook together. Easy!)

Turkey Arayes (Lebanese meat stuffed pitas)

  • 2 lbs Ground turkey
  • 1 small/medium Onion
  • Olive oil
  • 2 cloves Garlic
  • 1-2 tsp spice mix (Cardamom, Coriander, Cumin, Allspice, Garlic powder – mix roughly equal parts to make the spice mix. I do not measure and made extra to store.)
  • Handful of Parsley, kale spinach…pick your favorite
  • 1/4 – 1/2 Cup Sliced almond
  • 1 package Pita bread

Chop onions (I used red onion) and garlic and sauté together in olive oil over medium heat until onions are soft and fragrant. Add 1-2 teaspoons of the spice mix and continue to sauté.

Chop so greens of your choice (if you want to sneak in extra veggies…or skip this if you don’t). I used kale tonight because we had a bag of it for the rabbits that was handy. Sauté until greens are wilted (and kids won’t notice them, lol). Remove from heat and transfer to a large mixing bowl.

Prepare your pita bread by cutting each piece in half and gently opening the pocket. To the bowl add the sliced almonds and ground turkey (and extra salt if you like) and mix well with your hands.

Stuff the pita pockets with the meat mixture being sure to distribute as evenly as possible. They should be about 1/2″ thick. Size isn’t as important as them all being a similar thickness so they cook evenly. Brush both sides lightly with olive oil (you can use a basting brush or just your hands work well here) and sprinkle on just a touch of salt.

So both side crisp up, the best tip I have is to put a cooling rack over your pan (there WILL be drippings so be sure the pan has a lip!!) and set the Arayes on that so that one side doesn’t end up soggy.

Bake at 450 for 20-25 minutes. I cut them in half to serve.

They’re delightful with a yogurt dipping sauce too! Use plain yogurt and squeeze in lemon juice and season with salt and pepper, to taste.

Let me know if you try it and what you think!

Much Better!

Today was a MUCH better workout day than yesterday! I got enough sleep to have decent energy and I was looking forward to trying a new workout all day. Beachbody has a new 8 week program called LIIFT4 that I’d been hearing so much about and they have a free, full workout to preview it.

It was a weight workout mixed with “HIITs” (high intensity interval training) and it ended with abs. It was hard enough that my legs are still shaking, but simple enough that I was able to do lost everything. There were only 2 HIITs that I needed to modify. I’m going to feel it in the morning for sure!!

If you want to try it too, no strings attached, click here then tell me what you think!

Also, I’m now down FIFTY FOUR (54!!!) pounds…and counting! See this ugly shirt? It used to be TIGHT😳

Well, that sucked

Sometimes everything clicks and you feel great and you’re excited to do a work out, you enjoy the work out, and you feel great when you’re done. Today was not that day. I had zero motivation. I did not want to work out at all. My soreness is much better so wasn’t that. I was in a fantastic mood overall so it wasn’t that.

I just didn’t feel like it.

But. I did it. I did a 30 minute Pilates workout.

I hated every painful second of it. I was just mad that I couldn’t do all the things I used to be great at. I did ballet for 14 years so Pilates was totally my thing! Tonight I just felt fat, gross, and inadequate. Unable to do all of the moves without modifications. It super sucked. I didn’t even feel good or accomplished when it was over. It just made me mad.

To add injury to insult, I managed to scratch my eye by rubbing it (allergies) with an apparently too dry contact. I’m posting this with only one eye opened (I’m a pirate!) and using the little microphone button to speak the words. Hopefully it heals overnight.

Does anyone else have days like this? How do you get out of the funk? I think that right now my strategy is going to include googling “screaming goat songs” and “Taylor swift screaming goat songs” for a laugh and looking forward to coffee with a friend in the morning.